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Youth Groups

Youth groups may apply to attend CAMP HOPE for one week over the summer.  Youth groups may bring as few as 5 team members and as many as 24 team members.  



Costs include: lodging, work supplies, breakfast and dinner, and most activities. 


Pricing for the summer of 2023:

Application fee - $150

Per camper - $325

Per team - $900 (for a team of 5 or 6) 

Additional campers over 6 per team - $50 per camper 



A team is comprised of two adult leaders and 3-6 youth.  Churches may bring multiple teams to CAMP provided they have the adult leadership and youth participation necessary.  Teams of 6 members (2 adults and 4 youth) are considered "full" teams.  An additional fee is added for team members above 6.  


Work Projects

Work projects are chosen based on the skills and background of the adults leaders on the team.  Each team of adult leaders is asked to complete a skills questionnaire the winter prior to CAMP.  The Projects Team compiles this information and cross-compares it to homeowner needs to choose work projects for each team.  No experience is required of the adult leaders!  Projects span from painting, landscaping, flooring, roofing, cement work, and simple construction to plumbing, electrical work, handicap ramps, porches, or additions to houses.  Each team is given a project vetted by the Projects team to ensure the safety of our campers and adult leaders.  Each project is expected to be completed within the week the campers attend camp.  

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