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COVID-19 Guidelines

We are moving forward with excitement and hopeful optimism that we will be able to be together for the summer of 2022!  The CAMP HOPE Board if Directors is working on creating COVID-19 Guidelines for the upcoming summer.  Here is an overview of the decisions that have been made as of October 2021: 

  • In order to be employed by CAMP HOPE for the summer of 2022, all paid staff members (to include Program Director, Projects Director(s), Secretary, counselors, supply drivers, and breakfast staff) must have the COVID vaccination and provide evidence of this as part of their contract for employment.

  • In order to participate in CAMP HOPE 2022, all youth, young adult, and adult participants must provide EITHER 

    • Proof of COVID vaccination, OR 

    • Proof of a negative COVID test dated within 72 hours of arrival at CAMP 

Contact persons at the church level are responsible for collecting and validating this information prior to arrival at CAMP.  

  • Included in homeowner applications will be the following information: Homeowners, residents, visitors, and guests that will be in the house during the time of the work will be vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of CAMP HOPE working on their project.  If homeowners need assistance with transportation or scheduling support for the vaccine CAMP HOPE with the support of FUMC will offer this support to homeowners. 

  • As of October, 2021, the Board of Directors has not made final decisions regarding masking or PPE requirements and guidelines.  These decisions will be made closer to the dates of camp in order to ensure they are in compliance with the most updated guidelines presented by the CDC and other health organizations 

  • As of October 2021, CAMP HOPE is under the understanding that we will be able to have multiple occupancy rooms within the dorms at Frostburg State University and will be able to utilize Frostburg United Methodist Church as a gathering place for all CAMP participants.   If either of these situations change between October 2021 and June of 2022, those decisions will have a direct impact on CAMP HOPE 2022.  Any shifts made by either of these organizations will be considered by the CAMP HOPE Board of Directors and updates will be shared with church contacts as soon as possible. 

Blessings - 

Amy A. Willis 

Program Director


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